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Coordonates for the board
  • varcos at 2014-06-03

    I find very annoying the fact that the go boards on LittleGolem have no coordinates… for me is very hard to find the moves on the table.

    Could you please do something about this? I wonder how difficult could this be and why it wasn't done until now?

    Thank you!

  • klaashaas at 2014-06-03


    I would appreciate coordinates too.

  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2014-06-04


  • Pagan Hayes at 2015-01-07


  • wanderer_bot at 2015-01-07

    Ditto on Havannah boards

  • Crelo at 2015-01-07

    Moreover, the way to mark moves is not usual, doesn't correspond to any known coordinates system. This makes difficult to comment games in LG commentaries, using a standard editing software.

  • eobllor ★ at 2015-01-07

    Notice also that the SGF files for 37x37 games have incorrect SGF coordinates (no capitals for numbers > 26), which is annoying when you want to parse them.

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