Anyone up for a large Catchup play-by-forum game? Catchup

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Anyone up for a large Catchup play-by-forum game?
  • metzgerism at 2021-03-02

    I'm interested in playing a pretty long game on a large board, no smaller than hexhex11 (331 cells) and probably larger and centerless. I've got a theory that even larger boards will:

    - trivialize material advantage and encourage early connections and lead-taking.

    - make the simple “fork” formation more difficult to create and devalue them to become counterable

    - allow for new tactics and formations to develop with the additional space (ladders and knife-sandwiches are present on hex7, but haven't got nearly the space to happen on hex5).

    Currently the largest board implementation is hexhex10 on IGGC, and I'd be willing to coordinate playing on that as well.

  • add3993 at 2021-03-04

    Have you thought about using Tabletop Simulator or a similar sandbox environment?  There are already some free DLC for open-ended Hex maps.

    This would also address a difficulty with Catchup, namely the lack of a PC tool for studying variations/lookahead.

  • Andrey at 2021-03-09

    quote: “I’ve got a theory that even larger boards will:…”

    There is a little problem. It is quite unreal to figure out some strategy benefits when 1 game lasts several years. My personal feeling that increasing the dimension of board we just downplay the role of first moves. And the decisive moves will be is the end game.

  • NickBentley at 2021-03-11

    @Andrey - what would you guess is the best board size for Catchup?

  • Andrey at 2021-03-12

    Well, now we have here hex7 and for me it is a new breath of enjoyness to the game.  I decided to withdraw from catchup championship playing at hex5, because it became for me less interesing. Finding myself at top with deeper understanding the game It became more brain exhausted. I mean that the game degenerated to the 3-5 decisive moves. And level of importance of that decisive is very high - I often felt that these were near the only moves. Playing hex7 I feel more space not only in board dimension but in opportunity to play and in variety of moves. It is just me and someone who would say I went for less stressful game - will be right.

    I am not big fun to jump over to much. Think dimension of hex7 should be passed evolutionary. If people will be tired with it - then it is ok to try lets say hex 9. But we are just people so there is a limit of how far we can go without turning the half of the game into just a set of any moves.

    And it is always nice to have an easy option to make same game like a new one - just increasing the board space.

  • NickBentley at 2021-03-12

    @Andrey my philosophy is similar, which is why I try to present my games on small board at first (though sometimes I overdo it), then let it evolve upwards.

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