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Txt versions
  • eobllor ★ at 2020-11-27


    Maybe the issue has already been pointed at, sorry if that's the case.

    The SGF for Catchup games seems a bit faulty: specifically, attribute “SZ” is always equal to 6, instead of specifying the size of the board.

    Therefore, currently, to parse the SGF, one is left to use the variant (attribute “VA”), which normally only provides the version of the rules (Catchup 4.0 or 5.0): the size of the board is then always 5, except in case of variant “SIZE7” and “RANDOM2”. The size of the board is 7 for “SIZE7”, while “RANDOM2” games are simply unreadable since no information is given about the shape of the generated board (we only know it has 61 cells).

  • eobllor ★ at 2020-11-27

    To conclude, I think SZ should always be 5, except for the games currently showing VA=“SIZE7”, which should have VA=“NEWSTANDARD” and SZ=7.

    Moreover, games having VA=“RANDOM2” should have, prior to the moves proper, a list showing the cells belonging to the board. By the way, does someone know the encoding of the coordinates in this variant?

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