Smth strange or smth I dont know Catchup

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Smth strange or smth I dont know
  • Andrey at 2020-07-27

    Noticed strange move - as far as I understand rules there is no choice of how many stones (hexes) one player should put.

    And here only one hex was payed, while move should consist of two hexes.

  • kspttw at 2020-07-27

    He(gamesorry) beat me with the same trick.

  • Andrey at 2020-07-27

    I tried one thing in URL  and it works (i can put one hex instead of two):

    URL after one hex put:

    Then change URL to this one:

    It counts move in the same place. I wonder are there similar bugs in other games and the other question what to do in our current

  • kspttw at 2020-07-27

    I think it is not a bug - according rules it should be available.

    Howevert it should be available in normal way.

  • metzgerism at 2020-07-27

    kspttw is correct: it should be available, and is definitely legal according to Nick's rules. Unfortunately, it just hasn't been implemented properly. Though rare, there are edge cases in the endgame where playing 1 stone is a guaranteed win, but 2 stones is a guaranteed loss. This is the first time I've seen it used this early in the game.

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