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Gentle appeal
  • Richard Moxham at 2014-11-09

    After what's now more than three years in the Boardgamegeek database, Morelli currently rejoices in the grand total of 17 ratings.  For much of that time I considered this fair enough, since no commercial set or online implementation existed for people to try, but now that both of those deficiencies have been rectified the number seems disappointing.  So if there are fellow LG players who now feel sufficiently familiar with the game to justify a view (and, of course, can spare the time), I’d be hugely grateful on behalf of Morelli for their support at .Let's be absolutely clear.  I’m not asking for a shower of 10s from all points of the compass – I just think it’s disappointing that a game of (dare I say it?) a certain proven quality, doesn’t even reach the threshold of 30 ratings for an official BGG score. With many thanks in anticipation.   Richard

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