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Morelli World Championship 2016
  • Richard Moxham at 2016-03-02

    I hope it will be of interest to some that registration is now open for the first Morelli World Championship, even though (being a real-time tournament) it's not at LG.  For full information follow this link.

  • Richard Moxham at 2016-03-09

    Carroll thinks I should mention the prizes here.  Thanks to our sponsors, Morelli's Gelato, the winner will receive GBP150, the runner-up GBP50, and each losing semi-finalist a Nestorgames Morelli set. Worth winning. So please do think about an entry, even if normally you only ever play LG turn-based. It's a short, sharp format, and you only need to find one slot of a couple of hours.

    Unless you plan to keep winning, of course :)

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