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Does Anyone Feel Up To This?
  • CoreyClark at 2012-04-15

    Nick Bentley has just started up a site revolving around strategies for various boardgames. The site is in a blog format but anyone may submit an article. As the designer of Slither I am calling upon the Slitherati of Little Golem to tell me if they would be interested in writing a strategy article on the game. If that seems like a lot of work you can just put the theory in this google-doc (below) bullet-point style. I will put this into an article and develop graphics and format the whole thing (all the boring stuff). Anyway I'm quite certain somebody here has a better understanding of this game than I do lol.

    The doc:
    Nick Bentley's site:

  • Zugzwang at 2012-04-16

    Nice idea. I shall have to give this some thought.

  • slaapgraag at 2012-04-17

    does that include players whose rating start with 14? ;-)

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