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  • Zugzwang at 2011-12-23

    Sorry if this question is off topic, but I am only playing Slither games at the moment on LG:

    I will be travelling to visit family for Christmas for a few days and may not be able to make my moves as quickly as I would like. For the life of me I can NOT find how to set my vacation notification. The FAQ was not of any help. Will someone please tell me how to do this or else point to the right place on the site that will?

    Thanks a bunch!

  • halladba at 2011-12-23

    Your vacation days will be taken off automatically. When ever you reach 0 hour in one game and you have vacation days remaining, 24 hours are automatically added to every one of your games and you lose one vacation day.

    This allows to get over 240 hours remaining in some games (if it's the opponent turn on this one game, but you're timing out on another game).

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