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Slither development
  • deanthebean at 2017-01-07

    The designer of Slither has proposed a rule change, which he is referrring to as “advanced slither”. We can play it here because any move that is legal in advanced slither is also legal in “classic slither”. The new rule is that a stone may only move if it is orthogonally adjacent to at least one stone of any colour. Would anyone like to give it a go?

  • Florian Jamain at 2017-01-07

    Clearly, it is a huge changement, the games will be completely different. Interesting.

  • z at 2017-01-08

    This will have a major impact on the openings and some local tactics.

    The BGG link is down at the moment. I wonder if the designer of Slither had explained the rationale behind this change.

  • christian freeling at 2017-01-08

    Yes he has: Slither development

  • alihv at 2017-01-09

    I'd like to give it a try. It looks like the only way to do so on LG is with a private tournament, right? If so, Christian, could you please start one?

  • christian freeling at 2017-01-09

    No, you'll have to do without me for the time being. I'm busy overhauling Slither has no applet at our site, but I mentioned 'Advanced Slither' in the rules.

  • alihv at 2017-01-09

    Oh, alright then.

  • deanthebean at 2017-01-21

    Further slither development:

    “a stone may only move if, at the outset of the turn it is part of a group of like-colored stones which touches one or more enemy stones”

  • alihv at 2017-02-25

    My opinion about “advanced” Slither after one game: it's not really worth the extra rule. The grid formation can be built with pairs of stones to ensure mobility. Once the game progresses into melee (and it does so much quicker than in normal Slither), there is not much of a difference. Sometimes tactical decisions need to take into account the freezing/unfreezing of stones ( like in this move), but it doesn't happen often.

  • dranba at 2018-03-10

    A better pie rule solution for this game is the following: one player chooses the number of turns from the start of the game that the first player must wait before being able to move a piece. The other player chooses who goes first.  Restricting movement to accommodate the traditional pie rule is a bad idea, as it adds complexity and limits player freedom.

  • Luis BolaNos at 2018-03-13

    I suggested the same thing six years ago on BGG. I think it's the best way to balance the game.

  • jugular at 2018-07-26

    How unbalanced is the game Luis? Do we know for sure that it favours the first player?

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