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Resining a point
  • MRFvR at 2007-05-20

    One nice improvement to EinStein games here in LG would be if players had the opition of resining a point of the game. In that case, one could speed up the game, case your opponent has a certain victory in that point.

    It would work like that: the player resigns the current point, and makes his first move on the next one.

    I realize though, that would be a very small 'speedup', since we are talking, in most cases, of not having only two moves played (one yours and one from the opponent).

    Wjat do you people think of the idea?

  • KPT at 2007-05-20


    its really neccesary

  • Carroll ★ at 2007-05-21

    It would sometimes make the decision difficult as for example in this game, would you as blue resign here or the move after, still having a 1,2346 % chance of winning the point?

    Game 696318

  • Gregorlo at 2007-05-21

    in case you wonder, yo can always play it out. I don't think it is a problem, carroll :)

  • FatPhil at 2007-05-21

    I'm sure I once resigned a game because I wanted to resign a single board!

    I think I immediately afterwards posted to the suggestions thread… :-I

    Count that as a 'yes' vote, obviously.

  • Carroll ★ at 2007-05-21

    What I wanted to point out is that in my view or “etiquette” you should surrender a game or a point when you will lose for sure. Here the “for sure” is somewhat difficult to establish before two moves away from the fate.

    But I vote for because of the ambiguity between game resignation and set resignation if there is a good labelling.

  • KPT at 2007-05-21

    but sometimes its really usefull

    7 moves !!

  • Jörg Günther at 2007-05-22

    kpato: but only because you killed the blue 5…

  • Gregorlo at 2007-05-22

    it really was a bad move :)

  • KPT at 2007-05-22

    not bad at all…

    but thats not the point :( hehe

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