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CeBIT -- Hall-9 - Box D-04
  • Ingo Althofer at 2007-03-09

    Hello everybody,

    the big CeBIT fair is from March 15 to March 21

    this year, in Hannover (Germany).

    My research group exhibits work and results

    on “computer-aided game design”. We will

    demonstrate software on screen. But there will

    also be “true” games to touch (old and new ones).

    Amongst others, my external doctoral student

    Eiko Bleicher (from Berlin) presents database

    analyses for a new class of variants of

    “EinStein wurfelt nicht!” (on March 17 to March 19).

    Ingo Schwab (the father of Fraggle_c) will also

    be there (on March 19 to 21).

    “Special Guest” will be Michail Antonow (on

    all days except Sunday) with his fantastic

    connection game “ConHex”. In the meantime,

    there exists a computer program which plays

    “ConHex” somehow intelligently. It is written

    by stud.inf. Joerg Guenther (alias jguenth

    here on LittleGolem). Joerg will also be present

    on the CeBIT.

    Our presentation is part of the joint “box”

    of the Universities and “Fachhochschulen” of

    the states Saxonia, “Saxonia-Fullstop” (free

    translation of “Sachsen-Anhalt”) und Thuringia

    (Jena and its University belong to Thuringia).

    You find us in Hall 9 (Public Sector), box D-04.

    Feel free to have a look (and feel also free

    to identify yourself as a member of Little


    Prof. Dr. Ingo Althofer

    (is already eager to know how he will feel

    after 7 days of CeBIT…)

  • fraggle_c at 2007-03-10

    Lieber Ingo,

    Du hast Dich etwas - so hoffe ich - in den Tagen “vertan”.

    Ein Zitat aus Deiner Mail an uns (die hoffentlich stimme, da ich am Mittwoch anreisen werde…) : “Am 14. Maerz ist Aufbau, und an dem Tag

    kommt man so auf das Messegelaende (ohne

    Karte). Ingo kann also direkt zum Stand

    kommen (ich werde ab ca. 14 Uhr dort sein)

    und beim Aufbau helfen. Dort bekommt er dann

    auch einen Aussteller-Ausweis, den er am

    15. + 16. + 17. nutzen soll und mir am

    17. vor seiner Abreise da lassen soll.”

    Ich freue mich! Ingo

  • Ingo Althofer at 2007-03-11

    Oh, my dear. Ingo Schwab - the programmer

    of fraggle_c - is right.

    Here is the correct (and complete) list

    of helpers from the game programming scene:

    \* Ingo Schwab (fraggle_c): March 15-17

    \* Eiko Bleicher: March 17-19

    \* Peter Stahlhacke (programmer of Muehle/Nine men's Morris): March 19-21

    \* Joerg Guenther (programmer of connection games): March 15-21

    \* Andreas Schaefer: March 17

    (the first ever to write a program for EinStein-wurfelt-nicht)

    \* Jakob Erdmann: March 18

    (programmer of several board games)

    See you in Hannover,

    Ingo (who will be on CeBIT all days, March 15-21)

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