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  • Jonny at 2007-01-10

    So, now all four Computerprograms are in the TOP Ten. We human have to fight hard, to get back this area… :-))

  • ypercube ★ at 2007-01-10

    Actually, it's 4 out of the 5 computer programs. There is also bigfraggle_c with rating aroung 1630.

  • Jonny at 2007-01-10

    oh yes, thanks.

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2007-01-26

    I am trying to fight hard! I finally hit the top ten with a 3-0 win versus Luiser(my rating is currently 1730). I have only played one of the “c” players, I beat Hanifred awhile ago, 3-1. I have only completed 97 games. I think I have had some lucky dice rolls thus far, I am statistically due to get my bad rolls soon! but in the final analysis, computers also have to face the luck of the die!

  • Theo van der Storm at 2007-02-23

    “statistically due”

    Dice have no memory, so “statistically due” does not exist in this context.

    What you can say is that in a higher number of new games against stronger players one will be less likely to win a majority of games thanks to “lucky dice rolls”.

    Let me give an example where is does exist:

    Fill a bag with 6 red and 6 blue stones and pick stones from the bag one at a time at random. Do not put them in again.

    Say the first stone is red. Now you are already “statistically due”, i.e. the chance has become higher, to pick a blue stone. After you have got 6 stones of one colour, you are certain to pick the other colour. The bag remembers the stones not picked.

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