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Best strategy to improve your rating
  • Carroll ★ at 2006-12-12

    Well I managed to enter in the top 10 with lot of luck.

    How should I play to stay there or go up ?

    If I play good players with variable rating as Luiser or El_Sargossa which are now a bit behind, the Elo rating will not miss me and I'll go down.

    If I play 1500-1600 rated players, I should stand at least 65%-80% success ratio, not to go down, which is very difficult in EinStein…

    Or should I stop playing ?

    What do you think in your situation ?

  • Jonny at 2006-12-13

    Look at Luiser. She is one of the best players in EWN i know. And she has a rating between 1545 and 1830 in near 2000 games. So i would say her “fix” rating is 1700. And that´s real high!!

    There is no way to stay in the Top 10, accept stop playing or to play just one tournament and when it ends the next. But ist that the aim of EWN??

    If you want to know, how strong you play. You only find out in playing against other players and see what for a “fix” rating they have. If you beat luiser in 100 games 70 times so you are “not bad” ;-)))))

    Find out your “fix” rating and you doing a good job to see where you stand in the ranking.

    Best wishes

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