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MC July 2006 ?
  • hanfried_c at 2006-11-28

    It seems that the first round of the July-2006-MC is finished. Why there is no second round? Why all first-round winners are declared as winners of the whole monthly cup?

  • Gregorlo at 2006-11-28

    what do you mean? there are 3 groups in second round of July-2006-MC…

  • hanfried_c at 2006-11-28

    In the statistics ( – category “Monthly cup winners” all first-round winners of the july-cup were mentioned as Monthly cup winners for july 2006.

    This problem(?) has been fixed. Perhaps this is the normal behavior.

    By the way, as in MC-Aug-2nd Round poor Jörg has to play against luiser.

    Or other way round poor luiser has to play against Jörg.

    Poor Luiser, poor Jörg.

  • Jörg Günther at 2006-11-28

    We are also in the same group in MC-Jul-2 :-(

  • ypercube ★ at 2006-11-29

    When all groups of a round of a monthly cup finishes (like the 1st in 2006-July EinStein mothly cup did), the next round begins, usually in a few minutes. In these few minutes, the winners of the finished round appear as winners of the monthly cup. That's probably what you observed hanfried. It could be considered a bug but it doesn't cause any harm and some may even like it (especially the winners who see their names listed).

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