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Should there be more stochastic abstracts on LG? Which?
  • add3993 at 2020-07-20

    I've just discovered this game, but I really like it.  I've also been playing a lot of Backgammon.  I'm looking for other good strategic but randomized perfect-information games, and also wanted to query how people would feel having more on LG.  (My opinion: seeing that this game looks quite popular here, why not?)

  • ypaul21 at 2020-07-22

    As someone who is purely into combinatorial games, I personally hope that they add more non-luck-based games, but I do observe that it’s these sorts of games and word games that are most popular.

    There’s also StreetSoccer that works on a similar concept, but the strategy escapes me for this one. People do seem to play this a lot too though, so it can also probably be played to quite a high level.

  • Carroll ★ at 2020-07-22

    Yes I would like any form of poker on LG, Oceans'11 seems fun.

  • metzgerism at 2020-07-22

    IMHO, mid-game chance elements make for easier playing games here: if I can be burned by luck of the draw, I'm not quite as concerned about the interplay between move optimization and probability. Not saying it's good or bad, just a lot less brain-burning for me.

    Personally, I like seeing combinatorial games with random setups, which Richard has implemented quite a few of (Catchup, DVONN, Go), sometimes skipping the early-game entirely. Imagine Catan with a trackable dice deck and modified trading.

  • Rex Moore at 2020-07-24

    Richard, Oceans 11 looks very interesting (especially with no wild cards, or 54 cards with the Joker). Please implement it right after you do the standard rules for Lyngk!  ;)

  • add3993 at 2020-07-24

    I think a common difficulty with abstracts is that their openings can feel very slow and opaque to less-skilled players, so I tend to like the idea of random openings.  They can also reduce/destroy the importance of joseki / standard opening patterns, which I like many feel is generally a plus.

    However, they're still quite akin to the original games in their tactics, and don't involve the same kind of probabilistic reasoning as Backgammon or Einstein WN.  I personally would also like to see more of these games here.

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