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Bot tournament
  • DiceRoller at 2020-06-20

    Hi, if your bot would like to participate in a bot tournament (probably double-robin, matches to 50) please let me know.

  • struggler at 2020-06-22

    I - or rather my sarmata_c - is in!

  • DiceRoller at 2020-06-23

    If any other bot is interested, please let me know and I will share the password.

  • opmp at 2020-06-24

    hi, is it possible to play as human there too? Just to see the “human size” ? I promise to play fast  :-)

  • DiceRoller at 2020-06-24

    As the tournament is already names “Bot Championship” I'm not sure about making exceptions. However we can arrange any other tournament with more serious matches (maybe to 19 games, to make it “faster”), that would include both bots and human players? I hope bots will not get tired after such a marathon ;)

  • KPT at 2020-06-24


    You should go through the user list, and message every “_c” player or check his human operator. Also, long thime ago, the was a bot called RoRoRoBot programmed by the legendary Lg player: FatPhil. This is a great oportunity to a comeback from him. Unfortunately, i don't know how to reach him.

    PS: i agree, no humans allowed in this one.

  • DiceRoller at 2020-06-25

    We've got 5 participants. I've tried to reach other, but basically there are not that many. There are still few days left, maybe someone will be interested.

  • DiceRoller at 2020-09-25

    Unfortunatelly, due to the technical problems PIKACHUDEEP_C  had to withdrew from the competition :/

  • KPT at 2021-01-17

    Congrats to Fraggle

  • KPT at 2021-01-17

    this tournament took only 6 months to end. Pretty fast!

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