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Congrats to our new champion.
  • bennok at 2019-03-26

    The title say most of it. Congrats to my friend Florian to take the title from me. With many contributors who participated into the task of getting me from the top, winner of championship 26, to the bottom in this one!

    See you all when I get back, maybe championship 29….

  • KPT at 2019-03-26


  • Force majeure at 2019-03-26

    Impressive margin.

  • Florian Jamain at 2019-03-27

    Thanks Benno! Thanks guys.

    The funny part is that the very first game I ended in this was against the Bot since he is playing very fast and I lost 0-3, I told to myself “Well, nice start…”

  • Chicagos at 2019-05-26


    When will the new championship start? Do we all have to wait for the last game?

  • Carroll ★ at 2019-05-27

    I had a look at your games Florian to check what you do better than us all… and I stumbled on this game against jytou_ai :

    [game;id:2011480;move:1] and I don't get it.

    What is the reason for you not to take your 3 to get a faster pawn?

    Can an AI evaluate these moves, what do we know about EWN openings?

  • Carroll ★ at 2019-05-27

    I mean take the 4 or the 5… You see next move than Jytou takes her own 4.

  • Carroll ★ at 2019-05-27

    You won this first set and second set here


    you take your 5, why not the 4 trying to keep more “exptreme pawns”?

  • Carroll ★ at 2019-05-27

    I've created a poll for move 1 here:

    Results here:

  • Florian Jamain at 2019-05-27

    Hum, I can try to explain that, but I don't know if it is good or not. I think moves are close in probabilities probably.

    Let's try to explain.

    In the 1st picture, it is hard to explain, I put the 3 in the middle without taking the 4 but in some other games I would have take the 4, it is probably cause of the disposition of the numbers. I cannot really give an answer here.

    In the second picture, it is really different, here I would play this move everytime. I took my 5 for multiple reasons. I kept the 6 in defense, close to my corner. Now I hope I gonna move my 4 then my 3, my 2… all the pieces are saying to me “keep the 6 here”.

    If I took the 4 with my 6, now my 6 is in the middle but… my 5 is still alive and behind my 6 so… it is quite useless, I don't like this shape at all.

    I don't know if it is correct or not, but my feeling is “Taking the 5 is clearly better than taking the 4”. Maybe you should not trust my feelings, it can be absolutely wrong :D

  • Florian Jamain at 2019-05-27

    I can also say that in the 1st picture, I am sure that if I was Jytou, I also took the 4, cause it is with the 1, I don't want to put my 1 in the middle and I am happy to take my 4, so it is obvious to me that his move was best.

    Same for me, if it was not the 3, I am quite sure I would have take the 4. It is only cause it is the 3 and I am happy to put it in the middle that I played that.

    Maybe all of this is not correct man, but at least you have the reason.

  • Chicagos at 2019-05-28

    Very interesting, personally I would take the 4 in the 1st picture since its normal to hit the own 3 and 4. Of course I let my AI PikacuDeep_c takle this position and the result is:

    Beste move is hitting the 5 in the midle, 57,6% winrate

    Second best move is hitting the 4 on top, 57,4% winrate, so both hit moves are quite equal,

    Third move is going diagonal, the move was played and the winrate goes down to 53,0%.

    Obviously we all and my AI can be wrong since you won the championship :)

  • Chicagos at 2019-05-28

    In the second picture, I would take the 3 as usual, however I let the AI calculate it and the result is:

    Best move is hitting the 3 in middle, winrate 56,6%

    Second best move is hitting the 5 which was also played, winrate 54,4%

    Third move is going diagonal without hitting anything, winrate goes down to 52,7%

    But basically I have no clue why my AI prefers this moves, it just played millions of training games before and has a “feeling” what worked in these games and what not. Obviously it can be biased towards a certain playstyle, so take this results very cautions :)

  • Florian Jamain at 2019-05-28

    You know that I was blue in the second picture?

    In the first one, I cannot say that I am not okay with the bot analysis cause I can imagine me playing the 3 possible moves :P

  • Chicagos at 2019-05-29

    Ah Ok now I see, here I would also hit the 5 with the 6 to keep it safer and use the 4 as cannon fooder.

    Really cool, that you Bennok and Florian Jamain took the opportunity to analyse the interesting games. Did you of you watched the games of the PikachuDeep_c and found something strange? I would be very interesting to know.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2019-08-01

    @Carroll, if you want to study playing style, I think you should study the games of luiser. In my opinion she is the best EWN player. She participates in all kinds of tournaments, and still manages to keep a rating around the 1900. Very impressive. When I started to play EWN, I lost every game with her, she still is hard to beat for me. Sometimes I thought she was just lucky, but there must be something more at hand… ;-)

  • KPT at 2019-08-01

    @Paul Wiselius oh yes, she is. In fact. She, also with Hjallti, are the only players who have won 2 times the Championship Div.1

    And She could break that record in the ongoing tournament.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2019-08-09

    I'm afraid Fraggle_Reloaded_c is already the winner, despite not all games are finished…

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