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Website problem
  • Caerus at 2019-03-09

    Is there a problem with the website?  In my game (#20600291) the web page doesn't show the “Send Move” button and all I can select is “resign game” !  I tried multiple browsers and it doesn't make a difference!  Who should I contact on this website to report the problem ?

  • Carroll ★ at 2019-03-09

    Seems to be working, maybe empty your cache and ctrl+F5 first, what OS and browser?

  • Caerus at 2019-03-09

    Exact same problem.  With Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, Edge and Firefox.  On Windows 10.  Refreshing the page (in all browsers) doesn't change a thing!

  • Caerus at 2019-03-09

    For whatever reason, it works fine now.  Started working okay when it was my turn to move in a second and that second game showed up in my list!

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