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Idea of new variant
  • Force majeure at 2018-05-06

    I have been recenty wondering, whether new variant of the game would be playable - actually it would be basically the same, however person winning the game would score number of points equal to the pawns that made it to the finish. It could be played to finite number of points.  In this variant pawns would have different value, which in my opinion would enhance dynamic of the game and increase its complexity by a large margin. In many cases it would be profitable lets say not to move a low value piece to a finish a game, but wait and hope (calculate) to finish with the more valuable piece, running the risk of losing the game. What do you think?

  • jytou ★ at 2018-05-07

    It's funny, the first time I played this game I believed every tile had a point value for games like “50 points game”. :P Then I realized I was wrong. But that could definitely be an interesting variant.

    Another interesting and crazy variant I thought about could be to add a “drop rule”. You could drop captured enemy pieces on the 3 bottom left positions for instance. And if it is a tile you already have, then you could play both when the die gives that number. Could make the game even more suspenseful (but probably greatly increase the length of games).

  • William Fraser at 2018-05-08

    And I've been thinking of a version where the die rolls are known in advance – kind of like golem word game.

  • Force majeure at 2018-05-08

    William, do You mean every move or e.g. one in advance?

  • William Fraser at 2018-05-08

    The whole game.

  • jytou ★ at 2018-05-09

    As a side thought, that would make it easily “cracked” by computers. With probably less than a billion possibilities on average. The variant with “only one in advance” could be interesting, though, and could develop a brand new range of tactics.

  • Diamante at 2018-05-09

    I prefer variant the 4 player :)

  • Chicagos at 2018-11-29

    There is a version with 10 pieces per player on a 6x6 board and you roll 2 dices, which means that the piece 7 i much more likely to get moved instead of a 2 or 12

  • Lazy Twits at 2018-11-29

    2 dice fair variation (maybe a 6x6 board):-

    first player rolls and uses one dice

    every more after that is two dice, which are used for different numbers (never the same number)

    if on your turn you only have one number then just move it once

  • Chicagos at 2018-11-30

    You are right, the first move advantage is pretty large, maybe we could make the normal variant more faire by letting the second player roll 2 dices on the first move and chose a piece of the 2 dices, then the game continues normaly.

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