Insanity #4 begins Feb. 1 50 point matches! Also 19 point tournament Einstein forum

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Insanity #4 begins Feb. 1 50 point matches! Also 19 point tournament
  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2017-01-13

    Einstein Insanity #4 will be a double round robin 50 point match.   Are you crazy enough?

    If you are not that bonkers, then try the 19 point double round robin.

    Or, if nothing fazes you, then join both.

    Click: “tournaments” then hover over the header “user tournaments” in the far right column, then scroll down to Einstein and click “25 open tournaments

    Here is an attempt at direct link to the insanity, sorry if my link doesn't work

    INSANITY #4 decade long einstein 50 point double round robin!

  • mmKALLL ★ at 2017-01-14

    I would love to join, but am not sure if I have the time to play Einstein a decade from now!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2017-01-14


    “EinStein wurfelt nicht” isa very quick game. If both players are online at the same time and playing, a single game will typically take 2 minutes or 3. Hence, a 50-games match is easily done within two hours.

    The worst thing an EinStein player can do in real life is to think for minutes about a single move.

    Ingo (designer fo Ewn back in 2004).

  • Ingo Althofer at 2017-01-14

    Addendum: Luiser once played more than 440 Ewn games against a bot program within one hour.

  • Jonny at 2017-01-17

    hello, if someone want to have a hour intensiv playing, just give me a note. We can fix a date and then play fast and furious   :—) May be 50 games in a row in an 50 Point game.

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