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Ewn in Computer Olympiad 2016
  • Ingo Althofer at 2016-05-25


    the Computer Olympiad 2016 takes place in Leiden (NL), from June 27 to July 03. Also Ewn will be played. So far 7 bots have been registered: one from US, Germany, Japan, China each and three from Taiwan. Registration is still possible, however the entry fee has been doubled after May 15 (from 50 Euro to 100 Euro). Please, let me know if you are still thinking about participation. The tournament format is currently under discussion and will hopefully be determined in early June.

    Ingo (mail:  ingo.althoferewnuni-jena.de  –  ewn has to be substituted …)

  • Ingo Althofer at 2016-06-30

    Ewn has a new gold medal winner. The 2016 competition is not finished yet, but team “meowdero” from Taiwan has the first rank already safe. The two programmers of the team are Chang-Long Sie and Shun-Shii-Lin. There score is 36 wins from 48 games.


    PS. During the tournament famous dutch Chess, Chinese Chess, and Shogi programmer Harm Geert Muller learned the EinStein game and wrote his own program, over night so to say. It's playing strength is remarkable already. It did not participate in the Olympiad but may be interesting for others in particular because it uses the winboard interface. Harm's first Chess program dates back until 1976.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2016-07-02

    The tournament is completed.

    Each of the 21 pairings had 8 games.

    Gold to Taiwan (as mentioned already)

    Silver to Jena

    Bronze to China

    Full results are online at


    Cheers, Ingo.

  • Pikachu_c at 2017-03-03


    does somebody know when the next computer olympiad takes place? I would like to participate with my own written bot (pikachu_c).

    Ingo do you know how the winning programm works (does it use Monte-Carlo, alpha-beta, neural networks or statistics of human games)

    Greeting from Germany

  • Ingo Althofer at 2017-03-08


    the Computer Olympiad 2017 will take place in Leiden (NL) again, from July 01 to July 07.  Ewn is in the portfolio of games.

    Mark Winands should be the right contact person for applications:


    In this, you have to substitute


    by the wellknown symbol.


    On last year's winning program (from Taiwan): I do not know details. But there is no Monte Carlo involved.

    Cheers, Ingo.

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