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Serendipity CLAN ROOM
  • KPT at 2011-05-14

    Welcome Clan Members

    and applicants to Clan.

  • groeneveld at 2011-05-14

    can i join your team ??

    and what must i do??

  • groeneveld at 2011-05-14

    that are a lot of wishes

    ,i think that you lost a potential member

  • groeneveld at 2011-05-15

    but why not give it a try

  • somar96 at 2011-05-16

    I'm going to fail anyway. I can go to a bad luck team without trying.

  • somar96 at 2011-05-30

    I reached a rating of 1673, can I also make an application here? :)

  • KPT at 2011-05-30

    Yes u can, i will notice you when and how is gonna be the Exam.

  • KPT at 2011-06-01

    gl Team Serendipity.

    I was thinking about do a tournament casting for the applicants, each 2 months.

    To participe, they must have a rating of 1650 at least. And i will give the password for register in the Casting.

    There is only 2 vacants per tournament, and they must win the tournament or be 2nd place. (beating all the other members.)

    In the case of the team grows too much, i will create a Serendipity Class A and B.

    Comment, and GL in our first TC.

  • FatPhil at 2011-06-04

    It's hard to know how best to manage team sizes until we work out what affect it really has on play.

  • KPT at 2011-06-15

    Come on guys!!!

    We are doing good!

    Go on like this! let's get this tournament.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2011-06-15

    > Come on guys!!!

    > We are doing good!

    > Go on like this! let's get this tournament.

    Yes, follow your boss. He is a fantastic leader and

    motivator. And the match between Serendipity and Ma Waldorf

    (currently 4:4) has the potential to become an epic one.

    Ma Waldorf.

    PS. Hopefully, ypercube will never come on tours in our duel ;-)

  • KPT at 2011-08-14

    Neptun, you have a crucial match ongoing.

    Do your best.

  • FatPhil at 2011-09-02

    ypercube vs somar96 looks like a crucial one too.

    I shall have a Metaxa 7* (or maybe a 12*), and sacrifice a chicken!

  • ypercube ★ at 2011-09-02


  • FatPhil at 2011-09-13

    Come on kpato - you can do it! 10:6 would guarantee 2nd place, 8:8 means we might lose that position on a tie-break.

  • KPT at 2011-09-13

    which one?

  • KPT at 2011-09-13

    Wow you are right FP,

    technically , we won this tournament.

    I feel like we are in the first places (cause the issue of the bots, but I'm ok with that anyway)

    Congratulations team.

    Well done, I'm proud of you.

  • FatPhil at 2011-09-13

    Bots? Bots? I'd like to sign up RoRoRo for the bot team!!

    I'd also like to see win/draw/lose ratios for all of the competitors, as I think I did pretty well :-)

    Anyway - keep up the good work kpato - I think we deserve 2nd place, it would be a shame to see that slip between our fingers!

  • Dvd Avins at 2011-09-13

    I did my best to keep the honor of the best human team away from you all, but it's in your power to overcome my efforts. Regardless of how it turns out,m congratulations on a successful tournament.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2011-09-14

    Hello again,

    for the seventeenth time I try to explain what

    happened with the hybrid team:

    When teams were introduced, my idea was to become a non-playing

    captain of a bot team. In this role I wanted to make sarcastic

    comments on “my” botties, like good old Waldorf in the Mup show.

    Only one bot signed: a/the naive child.

    And when suddenly (out of a black hole) the tournament started,

    the naive child had to play 40 games and me (the wannebe non-playing

    captain) the other 40 games. SO, the team was half botplay and

    half humanplay. Only after our tournament win was in dry towels,

    another PR action resulted in a second bot (One_Stone) to join the team.

    Team Ma Waldorf\
    in early September 2011

    @Phil: RoRoRo will be very welcome in Ma Waldorf's team.

    Ingo alias Ma Waldorf.

    By the way: Also the Street Soccer team tournament was won by the

    only team (Polska) which had only two active players.

  • KPT at 2011-09-14

    Prof Ingo,

    You don't need to explain anything, its all right.

    BTW, the Bot team it is a very good idea.

    Just I'm saying, that i feel like a winner, cause beat the robots its almost impossible.

    my respect, and good tournament!

    Congratulations too. (i mean CONGRATULATIONS , actually you are the real winner, we are just celebrating our 2nd place)

  • ypercube ★ at 2011-09-14

    No need for explanations.

    Personally I have no problem with bots, androids, semi-bots, automatons, AIs, golems or any other intelligent or semi-intelligent form playing in tournaments. Aliens, zobies, predators included. Even humans are welcome.

    Daring to speak for all, the Serendipity Clan is happy to challenge any such peculiar Clan to a 1-1 match :)

  • FatPhil at 2011-09-14

    @Ingo - the reason I didn't sign him up is that I wanted to have RoRoRo be able to do that semi-automatically. But I never got round to programming him :-(

    (He can already join UT's for example, when invited by the tournament owner.)

    For the next one I'll just do it manually, to be safe.

    Sorry I made you play all those games ;-p

    And congratulations to a deserving winner!

  • Dvd Avins at 2011-09-28


  • FatPhil at 2011-09-28

    Yo dooodz - we rock! Make your move, kpato - make your move now!!!!

    I've only just noticed the highest scoring player table - high five kfieco and me! :-D

  • KPT at 2011-09-28

    it's done.

    Well done Team.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2011-09-28

    Congratulations also from Ma Waldorf!

    Good for my team that you became aware of your strengths only towards the end …

    Ma Waldorf

  • KPT at 2011-10-08

    Professor Ingo is our special Guest in the second training session.

    Neptun, we are waiting for you.

    gl everyone

  • KPT at 2011-11-18

    Okey guys,

    i guess the 2nd edition is going to start soon.

    I wish good luck, lets won this time.

    Do u think that we must fill the space of Ypercube (who left the team) ?

  • KPT at 2011-11-19


    congratulations to Kfiecio for his 1937 rating, reaching the 1place on the ranking.

  • KPT at 2012-01-04

    Serendipity Clan

    is looking reinforcements!!

    Book your audition, now!

  • KPT at 2012-03-21

    Alright fellows, lets rock it again this time.

    Give it all in the field!!!(board)

  • KPT at 2012-04-07

    Dude!, Stop losing games !!!

    come on!!! Go Go Go!!!

  • KPT at 2012-05-24

    good job, Team!!

    We are gonna do this, AGAIN!

  • KPT at 2012-06-05

    alright, now we are fighting for the first or second place.
    Well done so far!.

    Congrats to the Scientist as well :)

  • FatPhil at 2012-06-06

    Looks like the scientists will end on 13, which means it all swings on my match against sylviatab. Fortunately I'm 2-1 up. Winning that would put us also on 13 points. I don't know how ties are decided…

  • YHW at 2012-06-07

    4 of 16 points are definitively lost for you. How do you want to get 13 points?

  • FatPhil at 2012-06-07

    Good point, so to speak. No idea where I pulled the extra point from. Hmmm, looks like we're destined for 2nd place :-(

  • YHW at 2012-06-07

    I would say that you are having a good chance to end on (a shared) 1st place in this tournament.

  • KPT at 2012-06-07

    i don't get it, we still can win this.
    Hombres de poca fé

  • KPT at 2018-10-31

    Big times!!!!

  • Paul Wiselius at 2020-01-17

    Hi, can I still become a member of the EWN team?

    Best regards, Paul

  • KPT at 2020-01-17

    Hi Paul!

    Nowdays, TEAMS in Littlegolem are not working :(But you are welcome if this someday comeback!

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