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A short text on LOA
  • David Ploog at 2019-05-14


    I've been writing a little guide on LOA: LOA text (9 pages, 8 problems). I am aware of its shortcomings, and I'm showing it here in the hope for some feedback.

    My goal is to explain the rules, and to give some pointers for advanced play. Instead of giving example games (as is done in Ralph Betza's 1979 and in Kerry Handcomb's 2000 AGM articles), I try to teach the reader through problems. As usual, making problems is hard – if you have other and/or better problems, please tell me. (Links to LG positions are great.) Also, if you think there should be further heuristics, I am certainly interested.

    Thanks for reading, David

  • Carroll ★ at 2019-05-15

    @David, very nice and readable!

    Your examples and problems are fine and manageable.

    A big thanks for this work!

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