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Why has championship reverted to 8x8 ?
  • Ragnar Wikman at 2019-03-10

    Basically, the subject line says it all. But anyway, if i remember correctly, 8x8 was abandoned because the computer program became almost unbeatable, and the championship level was occupied by computer(-assisted) players only. I'd rather we not return to that situation again!?

  • David Ploog at 2019-03-13

    I am playing LoA on LG but only since Februar, so I'm intrigued: how was the problem solved last time? Did it work? Have other solutions been discussed such as different starting positions?

  • DrJochum at 2019-03-13

    I think for most games there are programms that are stronger than the most players. So the problem is not solved if you move to a different variation.

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