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Anyone log their plays on Board Game Geek?
  • bwin at 2016-08-26

    I was logging a game of Scrabble (a favorite of my significant other) on BGG and it struck me that I've never logged any LOA games there but I almost always log plays of other non-abstract table top board games. It looks like Bohnanza and Machi Koro are leading the way this year for me as I haven't had much time to get heavier games to the table. The ~40 games of LOA played on littlegolem exceed everything else combined.

    Any BGG users log their abstract games in addition to non-abstracts? If you also play non-abstracts what are some of your favorites? Some of mine are At The Gates of Loyang, Betrayal at House on the Hill (so-so game, fun times), A Touch of Evil, Carcassone, Bohnanza. Picked up Garden Dice recently and it has been super enjoyable for a light weight dice rolling game.

  • panglott at 2016-08-27

    I've logged everything on BGG pretty consistently, as long as it has had a human component. Mostly I play games with my family, things like Can't Stop, Ticket to Ride, and Cosmic Encounter; we just got King of Tokyo, which I hope will be a hit. Maybe next year I can play more light eurogames with them.

  • bwin at 2016-08-31

    Ooh, yeah I'd like to give King of Tokyo a try sometime. ¬†One game a friend recently brought over was “The Market of Alturien” it kind of scratched both my itch for abstract “thinky” play and luck as you roll the dice each turn and to try to make the best play you can. Not rated too highly but we had fun with it.

    Looks like I have some catching up to do with logging my lines of action plays. Maybe I'll just add x games for 2014, x games for 2015, x games for 2016 all on the same day and then catch up in real time from there.

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