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Lines of Action World Championship, 2016
  • alain at 2016-08-05

    The official World Championship in Lines of Action will take place as part of the Mind Sports Olympiad in London, UK this August 21-29. Players of all levels are welcome, including spectators. Full details are available at There are other tournaments including Go, Chess, Xiangqi, Backgammon, Poker, and many others that may be of interest as well.

    The event will take place on:Fri Aug 26th, 10:15-17:30.

    There is a prize fund for this event, including junior prizes. The winner will also walk away with the title of World Champion.

    Hopefully this is of interest.

  • bwin at 2016-08-05

    Would be a little far for me to travel :) best of luck!

  • alain at 2016-08-07

    Thanks. This year (2016) will be the 20th World Championship! :o)

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2016-08-07

    I participated in 2003 and 2012. Both times I beat the person who won the tournament. ;-)

  • alain at 2016-08-09

    :o) Well done, Jan! I see you got the Silver medal in 2003. The World Championships are played over six rounds, 25min + 5s for anyone who is interested. The time control is fairly relaxed and allows a high quality game, but the day is long and it is tough to maintain your energy and concentration levels all the time.

  • alain at 2016-09-06

    Final results from the World Championships can be found at and have been updated on Wikipedia (

    Gold                James Heppell (England)

    Silver              Andres Kuusk (Estonia)

    Bronze           Martyn Hamer (England)

    Each player scored 5/6 and Sonnegun-Berger tie-break decided the medallists. I managed to defeat James Heppell in the final round, preventing him a clean sweep of 6/6, but ended up with 4/6 due to earlier defeats by previous champions Peter Horlock and Andres Kuusk.

    The tournament is a fantastic experience with a nicely-paced time control of 25min + 5s-per-move over six rounds. There were also prizes for all medallists. Hope to see more LGers next year!

  • bwin at 2016-09-12

    Congrats, Martyn!

  • VEGEboss at 2017-05-08

    Since 2012 I'm playing at MSO and this year I want to try LoA (but I'm

    a real beginner, without hope to gain a medal)

    If someone of you guys will be there, can “learn anmd play” VEGEtables

    a card game invented by me, since 2014 an Official Discipline of Mind

    Sports Olympiad

    and, from June 2017, also in “Junior” MSO (the “Aprender Jugando”

    event, at Canary Island, Spain)

    PS please forgive my very bad english….

  • Chaosu at 2020-08-26

    Anyone played online MSO tournament this year (today)? I'm happy that I played first real time LoA tournament but the platform was so bad it was hard to enjoy playing.

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