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A place to play faster paced LOA?
  • bwin at 2015-08-07

    Hello! I really enjoy playing lines of action but most games here take so long to complete! Is there somewhere else that has a more active or motivated player base? Not that I would stop playing here but I get frustrated sometimes waiting days and days for an opponent to make a move.

    Additionally if there is anyone of any ranking who would like to play some “fast” games feel free to send me an invite. I consider fast at least a turn every 24 hours.

    As an aside I came here only having played 8x8 but seem to enjoy the black hole variant a little more now due to the increased board size. Many of my black hole games finish with neither player using the black hole but it does add a space to be connected around which comes into play often.

  • Chaosu at 2015-10-17

    bwin I'm afraid this is the best site with best communiy and strongest players.

    You can try brainking.com, it works same as littlegolem but you adjust time for move (down to 1 hour), vacation days (on off) and total time for game (also 1 hour). There is  standard size, scrambled and two more variants that are not on littlegolem but no black hole. Also the player base is generally weaker and more focused on (irregular) tournaments. Team tournaments are only for paying members and are rare. I'm afraid it may be hard for you to find an opponent or just to get the games rolling. It is however great place to play if you have an opponent (friend) ready, you can start multi-game matches etc.

    A place to play real time LoA is iggamecenter created and mainttained by Arty Sandler (he players here in Championships too) but it's rather hard to find opponent - you can have game set up for hours without anyone joining, although there are bots to play with. Also great site to play if you have friend ready but you need an engine.

  • bwin at 2015-10-17

    I tried itsyourturn.com (looks like a few people from here play there as well) but at some point the email notifications stopped and I timed out all my games on a weekend (games move faster but I thought there was a rule in place where you didn't have to move on a weekend). And the website is clunky and LOA regular tournaments never happened (not enough players and rather than keeping the players until there was enough it reset to 0 every week) so all you have is a ladder tournament with challenge games.

    I'll check out brainking and arty's site for playing with a friend, thank you!

  • Chaosu at 2015-10-20

    I guess I'll throw my referral link for brainking just in case, better late than never lol.http://brainking.com/?refuid=7617

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