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Lines of Action, World Championship 2014
  • alain at 2014-08-27

    The official world championship took place at the annual Mind Sports Olympiad ( on August 20th 2014.

    There were 14 players representing (if memory serves):* England* Estonia* South Africa* Italy

    Play was over 6 rounds with 25 min + 5 seconds-per-move. This was a great time control and resulted in a relaxing tournament with high quality games. Sadly, games were not recorded but the organisers hope to record the top or top two boards next year.

    The results were:G Alain Dekker (South Africa)S Andres Kuusk (Estonia)B Martyn Hamer (England)

    Alain and Andres both scored 5/6, Alain winning the tie-break having beaten Andres in their individual game. There was a 4-way tie-break for Bronze on 4/6, with Martyn wining the tie-break having the best result among common opponents.

    There was a generous cash prize fund this year (G=£100, S=£50, B=£25, prizes split in the result of a tie on score). The organisers have committed to at least match the prize fund for next year, so hope to see many players for the event next year.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2014-08-27

    Congrats! :-)

  • Elsabio at 2014-08-28

    Well done. Congrats Alain !! It will be a honour to challange the World Champion @SDG these dayes :)

  • alain at 2014-09-03

    Thanks! I've posted an alternate announcement here:

    There is also a poll there on whether you are tempted to play in the live tournament or not.

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