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Relative merits of 8x8 and Black Hole
  • Kerry Handscomb at 2014-06-02

    I was surprised to see when I entered the championship a version of LOA that I had never played before. Checking earlier threads, I understand why this version became the default. And having played a few games now I'm starting to get used to it. For the more experienced players, how does Black Hole compare with the standard game? Is it significantly deeper?

  • Chaosu at 2014-06-08

    It definately adds to the game, both because of black hole and bigger size. I think size is more significant but the black hole adds new strategy elements too.

    I don't think you can start a game with focus on using black hole, but at certain stages of the game you're often asking yourself, do I play standard (connect yours or block opponents pieces) or reduce number of my pieces?

    It gives more solutions and makes the game more enjoyable and at the same time I don't feel it makes the game much harder to analyze, so that's a great addition in my opinion.

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