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Real loa tournament
  • tangram at 2014-02-21

    Anyone interested in a real life loa tournament somewhere in may?

    Place the netherlands, Zaandam. If we have 4 players, we have atournament!
    We play the 8x8 and maybe a variant.



  • KPT at 2014-02-21

    That's a great idea!!
    you should get together more often!!
    I would love to met if i would live in europe.

  • Ivan Veselov at 2014-02-22

    That's a good idea, maybe we should choose a country which is most convenient (on average) to all interested people? First we need to understand who is interested in play over the board.

  • alain at 2014-07-11

    The World Championships in Lines of Action will take place in London in August, The date is Wednesday August 20th. There should be 16+ players there.


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