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Lines of Action World Championship
  • alain at 2013-08-27

    The results from the recent World Championship event at the Mind Sports Olympiad are as follows:

    Gold (and World Champion for 2013): Ankush Khandelwal from England
    Silver: Andres Kuusk from Estonia
    Bronze: James Heppell from England

    Full results are available at

  • Chaosu at 2013-08-30

    is it just me or there never was anything more than top 3 for each game? where is table, pairings, number of rounds or players? time for game? one of the reasons i'm still interested in attending MSO once is because i wonder how many players are there so i can share this information with the internet.

  • kfas2 at 2013-08-31

    It would be nice to see also records of the games for analysis.
    Some people might be attracted if they can see what level of play is needed to get the title.

  • FatPhil at 2013-08-31

    Hoorah for Estonia!

    Alain - did I count a tally of 3 bronzes and 3 silvers for you? If so - congrats!

  • Martyn Hamer at 2013-08-31

    I was at the MSO and played the LOA tournament, so I can fill in a few of the gaps. There were 6 rounds and the time control was 25 minutes per player. I can't remember the exact number of entrants, but it was something like 15-20.

    The games aren't written down, so there's no way of reviewing the games, but the standard is pretty good at the top end. I'm a reasonable player (currently 1645 here) but only scored 3/6 this year

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2013-08-31

    I think the number of entrants can vary greatly depending on collisions with other games in the time table. I played LOA in 2002 and 2012, and there were definitely fewer than 15 those years.

  • alain at 2013-09-02

    Sorry, just picking this up now. Martyn, I believe the exact number was 16. The time control was 25 minutes, that's correct. I have won the LOA tournament here on LG and got 4/6 (tie for 4th), so the level of play is definitely decent, but you'd need a lot of the top players from here and, etc to really call the event world-class. Its the world championship and the winner has the right to that title, but hopefully in future years the standard will be even better.

    Thanks, FatPhil, actually 3S and 4B in the end, so very happy, though I just missed turning one of those silvers into a gold and got a couple of frustrating 4th places…:) The Estonian contigent was very strong, easily beating the larger Italian contigent in the medal table. The table is, not surprisingly, dominated by “England”, and South Africa is more or less represented only by myself.

    I know coming to London is a pain, but if you combine it with a longer holiday its a great place to be, and hopefully more of the excellent players from LG will be there in 2014.

  • alain at 2013-09-02

    Its been requested / pointed out many times that the ability to replay games, not just in LOA but in many of the games, would be a big plus. I will certainly raise the possibility of this again with the organisers. Do people think, perhaps, that notation should be forced, or maybe games should be recorded and then notated afterwards? In my eqxperience, most peope know how to play LOA but would be a little confused to have to notate the game.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2013-09-03

    Forced notation?? Ok with 25 mins in LOA that _might_ work, but the time controls are too short for that in Othello (15 mins) and TwixT (20 mins - Florian and I both got very short on time in our match last year). Standard time control in international Othello tournaments is 25 mins in comparison, and 30 mins in the World Championships. I tried notating in Oware once, but with only 10 mins time control, I found that to be futile.

  • Chaosu at 2013-09-03

    There are two common solutions regaring time control and notations. One is of course clocks with added time. The other is a rule that allows player to stop notating when he have less than 5 minutes on his clock _and_ he is asked to request a referee or just some viewer to finish the notation for him.

  • kfas2 at 2013-09-04

    Its getting easier every year to record a game (usually smartphone camera is good enough). I understand, that it might be not so easy to do it not disturbing the players. But maybe some “top” games could be recorded on such a camera.

    As I understand the spectators for which it would be an easy task to record a game on paper are often busy playing their games somewhere else :-) But maybe someone could be asked to replay the game as it goes on an internet server with the game implemented.
    Probably there are also some electronic boards which would record the games by themselves, but one would have to buy them and it could be less pleasant experience playing on such a thing :-)

  • Chaosu at 2013-09-04

    Rarely all tables during a round go to very low time, most of the times it's just one or two tables - other players are already spectating game. This comes from my own experience.

    Thanks for the info Martyn. I was really disappointed after clicking the link that Alain provided with comment “Full results”. Sure I understand MSO is more focused on just having fun and enjoying the games than professional side of competition but lack of mentioned information is still not understandable for me.

  • kingofthebesI at 2013-09-05

    I think it was unfortunate phrasing by Alain who Probably meant full result of the MSO medal winner for other events, those are arbiter and those who maintain the website are volunteers, with jobs, study and families to take care of.
    In principle all results are available, but it nice to not show up the weaker players who might be trying a new game by publicising every last Place.
    Some events you will have a world champion against a player who has literally never played a game.

  • Chaosu at 2013-09-08

    If what you said about being not nice is the reason for not publicising the results then I really don't agree with that. This is too casual approach and it's called olympics and world championships at the same time? I don't heard of any real tournament who would hide the results of last places just because someone got 0 points too, correct me if I'm wrong. PS.

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