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An interface for LOA analysis?
  • Ivan Veselov at 2013-08-11

    Hi all,

    Do we have any web interfaces to analyze LOA games? Something like Twixt-commentator or Maybe it's possible to add it to the latter? It would be quite useful!

    Thank you!

  • Elsabio at 2013-09-14

    I support this suggestion.

  • Chaosu at 2013-09-14

    I've been recently thinking about learning some webdev in order to do such stuff, any ideas where to start? I got html basics from my teenage days and not much more than that, but I have good understanding of all that stuff so I'm not afraid of being thrown into deep water.

  • Ivan Veselov at 2014-02-16

    Hi all,

    Since it turned out that we don't have any LOA web interfaces so far, I decided to create my own. Here you can see an example of a running game:

    Note that only 8x8 games are supported now. I'm going to add “9x9 Black Hole” used in the championship and other variants later.

    In order to analyze your own game just put its numeric identifier in the URL above, i.e.

    LOA board has the following features:

    - Display of all moves made in the game.
    - Move navigation by clicking on the moves.
    - Creating your own variations by making moves on the board. You can start a new variation from any move of the game. Only one active variation is currently supported. I can try to add support of the full variations tree, but it complicates the interface and is probably not really needed, at least for me.
    - Highlighting of the last move (in yellow) and possible moves when a checker is clicked (in green).
    - Meta information about the game (players name, tournament, link to LG site, number of remaining checkers).

    Thanks to Chaosu for support and for some of the ideas!

    Please let me know what do you think about it, any feedback is appreciated.


  • Ivan Veselov at 2014-02-16

    Let's move any further discussions to a separate thread which I've just created:

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