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Mind Sports Olympiad, 2012, Lines of Action event
  • alain at 2012-06-27

    The annual Mind Sports Olympiad is coming up at the end of August. Full details are available here at http://www.boardability.com/.

    There is a Lines of Action event, the official World Championship, event on Mon 20 August. Last years' winner (and therefore the World Champion from 2011) is Tim Hebbes and will be playing (as far as I know). Tim also plays here on LittleGolem, though under a pseudonym.

    Hope this is of interest.

  • Chaosu at 2012-07-16

    i know it's something that won't change but august is worst month (this year even worse due to olympics) since travel and accomodation are most expensive at this time in London. it's second year in a row i'm interested but have to skip due to it's date.

  • alain at 2012-07-23

    I'll raise your comment with the organisers. The Olympics will actually have been over for a full week before the Mind Sports begins. Also, accommodation in London is cheaper than you think. While it is true that some hotels will try and cash in on “Olympics fever”, you can get budget hotels for around £40 or less per night and there are options like youth hostels. There are also Polish associations which might be possible to liase with. The organisers can be contacted on the website and they can advise further. The major expense is likely to be travel, not accomodation, though it is true that London can be an expensive city whether you come in August or any other time of the year. My advice is to come if you can the experience is very cool! Waiting for the perfect time won't work…there'll always be something in the way.

  • Chaosu at 2012-07-29

    thanks for help but right now im representing students attitude which means im poor. i've been to london before and i'll be in london in future but my each visit comes down to cheapest flights and hostels. it already hurts me if i have to book a weekend night in hostel (+5GBP to the price) so yes August is worst month for both flying and staying in London.

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