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World Championship in Lines of Action, 2011
  • alain at 2011-07-23

    The Lines of Action World Championship will be played in London on August 22nd 2011 at the University of London Union. This is the standard 8x8 variant. It is my understanding that the event will be a 7-rd Swiss event with 25 or 30 minutes per player and controlled by an International Chess arbiter. Last years' World Championship was won by Andres Kuusk from Estonia. Results after the event will be posted here or can be found at the official website,

    The event is being run as part of the annual Mind Sports Olympiad featuring Chess, Lines of Action, Poker, Backgammon and many other games. The MSO 2011 will run from Aug 20-28. Full details are available at Please see that website or send me a message for further details. It would be good if some enthusiasts who play at here were able to make the trip.

  • alain at 2011-08-31

    Full results are now available here:

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