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rules changed?
  • Hjallti at 2011-03-23

    I thought that if you connected both colors in one move you won the game but I see it is a draw. Am I right? Was it otherwise in the beginning?

  • Ragnar Wikman at 2011-03-23

    According to the “official” rules it should be a win for the connector, but AFAICR Golem has always scored them as draws!? This wasn't the first game I “drew” on LG due to this rule… :-)

  • Julius Sneezer at 2011-03-24

    from Wikipedia Lines of Action entry:

    In the original 1969 edition of A Gamut of Games, simultaneous connection was described as a draw. In the second edition, the rules were changed to declare this a win for the player moving. Here is Sid Sackson's note in the preface to the second edition:

    “Claude Soucie and I are all that remains of N.Y.G.A. At his request, I have corrected an error in the rules for LINES OF ACTION, eliminating possible draws.”

    However, despite the expressed intention of the inventor of LOA, most present day tournaments score simultaneous connection as a draw.

  • FatPhil at 2011-03-25

    What you have quoted does not contain the “expressed intention of the inventor of LOA”, it only contains the reported intention of the inventor of LOA, which is very different.

  • alain at 2011-09-19

    The official World Championship played at the Mind Sports Olympiad gives a draw for simultaneous connection. I asked both the organiser and the current champion, apparently they used that rule from the first WC in 1997 and have stuck by it. A draw also results if the same position occurs three times with the same player to move (like in chess). Draws can also be agreed between the players.

    Draws are rare, but they certainly can happen!

    Not sure why this rule has not been tied down. At least the Wikipedia article puts the record straight that “most tournaments score simultaneous connection as a draw”. A draw feels like the right result to me so the confusion is regrettable.

  • kingofthebesI at 2011-09-20

    The draw rule for simultaneous connection is more elegant way of dealing with things, if you allow your opponent to connect you have failed to one extent. Giving the win to a player who simultaneously connects both sides is going to be more benefecial to black and black is already preferable enough (though the better player will usually win whatever colour they play with)!

    Some don't like draws, but as Alain says the are so rare. The idea of it not being draw is not down to what works best for tournaments, but that there is something wrong with a draw.

    Personally I have only had one draw ever and that was by agreement.

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