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LOA openings
  • Carroll ★ at 2006-02-03

    What are your favorite opening for 1st and second move ?

    I think best one is d1-b3, but I keep playing like Diamante and Linesman c1-c3.

    Most players seem to like b1-b3 best.

    For second move I don't have a clue yet.

    Has anyone statistics of openings on LG or other site ?

  • zweiterlinde at 2006-02-03

    I kind of like d1-b3 followed by b1-b4, but I'm no expert.

  • Linesman at 2006-02-05

    I was told that Maestro Jarrausi prefers c1-c3, followed by, if possible, e1-b4. The Spanish opening. :-) Of the nine possible openings only three are worth playing, in my opinion: b1-b3, c1-c3, d1-b3 (and their symmetricals, of course). c1xa3 and b1-h1 are prima facie crap. And the others – b1-d3, c1-e3, d1-d3, d1-f3 – I don't think are recommendable because the moving piece can (and if I'm your opponent, will) be captured, a serious set-back for your development right at the start. — As far as I know, there is no “theory of LoA openings” available.

  • Carroll ★ at 2006-02-08

    You are the best, thx.

    I think you are a bit severe for c1xa3, it has interesting developments with a threat to 'block' a2.

    I must play it and test it more…

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