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Record of top 10 players against each other
  • Kevin Gong at 2009-06-09

    I thought it'd be interesting to create this table:

    Record of top 10 players against each other

    Sadly, I have one of the worst records against the top 10, mostly thanks to Carroll. :)

  • alain at 2009-08-17

    Nice little table, was it generated automatically or manually? One obvious problem is that the top ten players is a little fluid. TUMRAK has come storming up the ranks but is not in your table. Would be a nice feature is such a table could be auto-generated on the 1st of every month for every game (inactive players - inactive for more than 6 months, say - not included).

  • Kevin Gong at 2009-08-18

    Unfortunately, I did it by hand; yeah, I know it easily gets out of date. If I'm inspired I might try to write some script to do it automatically. Otherwise, maybe I'll just do it by hand again after the next championship ends. It doesn't take *too* long, but long enough that I wouldn't do it by hand every month.

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