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Kevin Gong vs. Ray Garrison
  • Kevin Gong at 2009-03-14

    My first post, I thought I would share this gem of a game:

    Through about move 18, I thought I had the game well in hand. At move 22, I thought I wasn't scared of h6-h3 because of d3xg3. It wasn't until Ray actually made move 23. h6-h3 that I realized I'd lose, something like 24. d3xg3 25. c5-e3 26. e6xe3 27. b1-e1, making h3-g2 unstoppable.

    So I had to make the move 24. e5-d4 and fight the rest of the game under the constant threat of losing. Key was probably 30. d4xf2, blocking off the piece at g3 for the rest of the game.

    If someone asked me to explain why I like playing Lines of Action, I think I'd show them this game.

    In any case, my question is, can anyone see any winning line for black?

  • Jorge Gómez at 2009-03-14

    If I don't miss anything hidden 31.d5-e4++ is a winning move for black!

    I think that the 2 connection threads 33.d4-f3 and e2-f3 can not be stopped using a single move. So 32.c3xc1 is a forced defensive move that lets blacks weakest piece to centralize and connect to the main group with 33.g3-e3.

    Now white has nothing to attack inmediately and black can win easily in two moves for example 35.b1-b2+++ unstoppable!

  • Jorge Gómez at 2009-03-14

    Intuitively 31.d5-e4++ can be overlloked simply because 32.h4xe4 seems killer but the trick here is 33.b1-b2 threatening the capture of f2 and the connection. This can only be avoided moving f2 but in this case g3 is free and connect.

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2009-03-15

    I thought that I was winning this game also, but whenever it was my turn, I could not find a forcing line. It seems that Jorge has found the solution. I definitely looked at 31.d5-e4 but if I remember correctly, I did not like 32.h4xe4. I had overlooked the idea of 31b1-b2. I have set this up on my board it would seem that Jorge is dead on correct! Thanks for your input, Jorge. I enjoyed the game very much also, even though I lost. Very instructive endgame!

  • Kevin Gong at 2009-03-15

    Very nicely done, Jorge!

    I guess the extra credit question would be if white had any way to avoid getting to that point. I think you might have to back to move 20 or 22.

    22. h2-h5 23. h6-e3 24. a5-c3 might be interesting, but it's probably still a win for black.


    20. h2-h5 or 20. g4-f4 is better. In retrospect, 20. c2-g6 was a pretty weak move, as it did nothing to prevent the black pieces on g5 and h6 from coming down.

  • Carroll ★ at 2009-03-16

    Nice game indeed, when I had a look this week-end I thought Ray did all he could to avoid winning, I also pinned 31.d5-d1 instead of d5-e4 which wins easily as Jorge explains. Then this morning I looked again if he could still have saved the game and yes :

    after 31.d5-d1 h7-h5

    33.c1xf4 with the threats b1-e4 or d1-c2 (on e6-e4) wins with easy connexion.

    So it is possible Ray's last chance was lost by 33.d5-d1 !

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