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Resources for improving
  • shimanayoku at 2008-09-19

    I'm new to this game, but I'm enjoying it so far. One problem I have is that on many of my turns I really have no idea at all what to do, not even in a general sense.

    I've tried searching the web for articles on strategy etc but haven't found much other than some sketchy tips on openings.

    If anyone here has anything to recommend me I'd appreciate it.

  • Charlo at 2008-09-19

    I got better just by playing a lot. I never was aware of any online strategy guides or anything like that. I suggest you download the LOA bot “MIA” from this site: I learned a little about opening strategy just watching the computer play against itself. I guess it's also educational to have your butt kicked by a computer over and over again. :)

    On that site there is also a thesis on Lines of Action. A lot of it is about AI programming and not of much use to the average joe, but there are some helpful tidbits of strategy.

  • Carroll ★ at 2008-09-19

    When I started I was interested mainly in tactical wins and making double threats to gain material advantage.

    Now I would say my first goal is mobility and especially mobility of the less mobile pawns, hence:

    1. Unblock your farthest pawns to get mobility.

    2. Block your opponent's pawn to decrease his.

    3. Take when you can if you are not scattered doing so as more pawns means more mobility.

    4. Go to the center.

    5. Restrict your mobility if you can get strong formations on which to aggregate.

    6. Beware of your opponent double threats “à la decouverte”.

    7. Be patient and don't try to get your pawns connected too early.

  • bennok at 2008-10-29

    Great recommandations Carroll. I would add one thing:

    Material advantage is not always an advantage: don't take your opponents stone systematically, but only if it is a strategic advantage.

    3.1 Take stones if it disconnects your opponents groups.

    3.2 Don't take opponents stone that are isolated, but block them away from the center

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