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Strange mistake?
  • Tasmanian Devil at 2008-02-08

    Now that the top match of the current championship is finished, I would like to ask why black didn't connect in move 45?

  • Adam Dzedzej at 2008-02-08

    A good question.

    Maybe they were going for the longest game record :-)

    Anyway congratulations to Caroll.

    darkproject75 fortunately makes mistakes :-)

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2008-02-08

    congrats Carroll for being the first and only player to beat the dark project…and for winning the sixth championship. This sixth championship was a very tough tournament (much tougher than championship #5, which I came close to winning, Carroll stopped me…). I hope that the Adam rejoins the championship cycle soon, that would make the top division very interesting with Carroll and Darkproject and the rest…

  • Carroll ★ at 2008-02-10

    Thanks Tas, Adam and Ray for your nice words, the real question is why did I make this mistake…

    Here is the message I sent darkproject adter I played move 41 :

    “In our game I was analysing the sequence d5-d2, a2-b1, e5-b8 when I was interrupted and hastily played a2-b1…

    If you want to continue the fight, you can play what you want and I'll play d5-d2.

    Otherwise if you want to get the points home, it does not matter to me.

    Have a good tournament!”

    As a lord, the dark knight offered me a second chance and did not provide “coup de grace” and answered “it is not the way I want to win, i hope, you´ll play d5-d2 now!“, I want to thank him also for this which cost him the champ, which I did not think at the time having already lost to Maraca and being in danger in other games.

    LOA provides this nice feature of move inversion as long as you don't take…

  • Gregorlo at 2008-02-10

    wow, what a really nice story!

  • David J Bush ★ at 2008-08-08

    Well.. yes, it was classy of darkproject75 to give a second chance. Classier than I would have been. Interrupted? Hastily played? This is a turn based server. Just click on skip game. I've done plenty of dumber things, but I don't cry for mercy when I do.

  • Adam Dzedzej at 2008-08-15

    “LOA provides this nice feature of move inversion as long as you don't take…”

    Do I understand it correctly that we shouldn't treat it as taking back moves, but read as the order of play should be:

    … 41. c2-a2 42. g5-f4 43. b2-a3 44. d5-d2 45. a2-b1 46. e5-b6 47. b1-a1 etc. ?

    I tried to analyze the game with help of the program MIA and here's what I found

    White should probably win the game with 42. d3-b3 or 42. d5-d2, but still it could take a few moves.(more than 5 on both sides)

    42. g5-f4 opened the chance for Black to defend even longer.

    What else have I found out. There were nearly no mistakes prior in the game.

    The opening was very even. Although 12. a3-c3 was not regarded by MIA as the best move for White, during moves 12. - 20. White was gaining some ground.

    Move 21. b4-b7 was probably a mistake by Black 21. c1xa3 was a better option. White had a decent advantage according to my interpretation of MIA's output since that move.

    At 24. Carroll found a decent move which computer disregarded completely. 24.h7-e7 was best according to MIA.

    at 39.e2-e4. Black could turn out a little bit better with c2-f2.

    And the beauty of this game: Despite White's advantage. One false step and Black wins :-)

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