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Mind Sports Olympiad in London 2006
  • alain at 2006-05-20

    There is a fantastic opportunity to play a variety of good quality games against excellent opponents coming up in London, United Kingdom. The event is not just for competitive players but for everyone. Dates: 26/Aug/2006 to 03/Sep/2006.

    See http://www.msoworld.com/

    Lines of Action is being played on Wednesday 30th Aug but there are also other good quality games such as:

    Chess, Twixt, Go (played here at LG) and Boku, Entropy, Chinese Chess, Diplomacy, etc will also be on offer.

    Note: I'm not a spokesman for the MSO - just a fan who'll be there. Consider playing in this event! :o)

  • elisabeth at 2006-08-04

    i will be on MSO 10 too. The draughts variants have been gone but enought other interesting games.

    I play Loa, Stratego and Connections. Maybe some other tournaments.

    See you there alain (and others)!

    Fred Kok

  • tangram at 2006-09-01

    results Worldchampionship Loa 2006, London, Westminster University

    18 players

    1. Fred Kok Netherlands 5 / 5 GOLD

    2. Jan Stastna Czech Republic 4 / 5 SILVER

    3. James Heppell Great Britain 4 / 5 BRONZE

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