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Shortest game?
  • pedropajarito at 2006-05-04

    The shortest game up to now?

  • graff at 2006-05-04

    Of all my games, this game which finished in 20 moves without a resignation is the shortest one that I know of. I'm guessing that there are others who have shorter games.

  • Kd Hoffmann at 2006-05-04

    I have this one with 14 moves only!

  • ypercube ★ at 2006-05-19

    And the longest so far?

  • Carroll ★ at 2006-05-19

    It must be shorter than 3284214703056 * 206379406870 * 3 = 2?10^24

    = C(64,12)*C(52,12)*3 otherwise it would be a draw by position repetition…

    I only took into account positions with 12+12 pieces, so it may be a bit bigger…

    or do you have a lower bound ?

  • Kd Hoffmann at 2006-05-19

    Ok, I start again with this 43 move match. Any higher bids?

  • graff at 2006-05-19

    I'd say that the game you posted should be counted as 45 because of the resignation. Still, I've got one game that lasted 47 moves which is a bit longer.

  • Robin at 2006-09-01

    65 moves

  • beppi at 2006-10-10

    Did anyone try to simulate the shortest theorically possible game, with both players aiming to that objective?

  • Adam Dzedzej at 2006-10-11

    Yes they did. the record is 9 moves and no proof 8 is impossible up to now.




  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2009-04-10

    this is a nice web page, two ways have been proven to win in nine moves (or 4.5 moves). One of the methods white wins, the other, black wins. The shortest known for scrambled eggs variation is 11 (5.5). (this is an old web page, I wonder if anyone has found faster solutions). What is the shortest possible win for the new “quick” variation? Let's see who can find the fastest possible win for “quick loa”

  • Carroll ★ at 2009-04-16

    I have one in 6 moves for “Quick”, but maybe this was obvious:

    1.d1-f3 a3xc1

    2.f1-f4 c1xe1

    3.f4-f7 h3xf3

    I think you can prove it is the shortest possible.

  • Jorge Gómez at 2009-04-16

    This is the shortest game ever:

    Well done Carrol.

  • KPT at 2009-04-16

    wow!! what happen there??

  • Jorge Gómez at 2009-04-17

    Carrol does not want to waste energy playing a game that he already knows that he is going to lose.

    In te previous tournament “Vayamos” demonstrated a very high level. this level has never seen among humans in the past. I think that only the best computer programs (or probably just the best of them) can compite against Vayamos.

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