New starting set up to be added? Breakthrough

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New starting set up to be added?
  • Hunter C at 2020-08-31

    So i was browsing breakthrough on and came across this Different starting positions   Some of the more “bold” starting set ups seem pretty interesting.

    Recently in Catchup, a new size 7 board was added. Perhaps it would be a good idea to add some variety to breakthrough to add some of these new positions while keeping the base game the same? What are your thoughts on some of the new starting set ups?

  • michelwav at 2020-10-14

    Hello Clarck94. I have just looked at your “Different starting positions”. I never played with any of these positions. So I am not able to say if it would be interesting to add them in littlegolem. I only think the strategy would be different with every different starting positions. For exemple, with a 7*7 board, there is a central row (as it is written), but also a central column. With a 8*8 board, a usual strategic rule is to try to keep for a long time a pawn on every b,c,f,g squares of the 1st row. In hex game, I think the strategy is almost the same with 9, 11, 13 or 19 board. But I am not completly sure I am right.

  • PFW at 2020-10-20


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