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new breakthrough variant
  • Elsabio at 2015-02-22

    Hi,I was thinking about a BT variant which allows draws and a, le's say, different strategy. Tthe rules are: the first stone which reaches the last rank gets 3 points, the second 2 and thethe 3rd gets one point. theortical endscores are then 6:0 5:1 ,…3:3,…0:6. I think the ¬†tacticl¬†considerations will change. What do you think about it?.

  • Christian K at 2015-02-26

    For me, the game is complicated enough already :p

  • ahhmet at 2015-03-02
    I think it is a good idea.. 
  • edbonnet at 2015-03-13

    I think, in practice, we would play your variant almost the same way we are playing the current version;

    as winning in Breakthrough means at least drawing in your variant.

    Anyway, it's a nice idea and it might be interesting to try.

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