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monthly cup
  • luffy_bot at 2014-12-20


  • wanderer_bot at 2014-12-20

    See  (Why can't I change the “Text to display” field in the “insert link” window?)

  • William Fraser at 2014-12-20

    To get a link with non-matching text, I think you need to type the text first, then select it, then click the link icon.

    I wish I had some docs on the subject to use as the link, but that'll have to do….

  • luffy_bot at 2014-12-20

    sorry for the empty message, I had trouble  with my smart phone… ):

    Well, you guessed my question correctly :) why isn't the monthly cup starting while there are already 5 players registered ???

    So if I get it right it's a bug and we don't know when it will be fixed.

    I didn't come here for a long time. Did wanderer become even stronger than before ? :) I'm also interested to play another game against edbonnet :)


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