Congrats to Wanderer for joining the 2200 club Breakthrough

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Congrats to Wanderer for joining the 2200 club
  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2014-09-11

    I have been a 2200 plus player for many years, and in that time, only one other player has ever hit 2200 (Mojmir Hanes) until now.

    I have also been in the #1 position eversince this game first appeared at this site.   I lost # 1 briefly a couple of times to Mojmir and also once to my student, Kyle.

    My high rating was 2290.

    I have retired from breakthrough at this site, but still play off hand games with Kyle and my students.  I also hold breakthrough tournaments for my students in the summer.

    If Wanderer surpasses my rating, I will have to consider coming out of retirement, either a championship or a match of some sort, man vs. machine.  I would need to practice up, though, probably a bit rusty…

    Congrats again to Wanderer

  • Stop_Sign at 2014-09-12

    Ray. I really enjoyed what you for the game so far.

    BUT! You are “sitting on your Points” (I am German and this what we say in this this situation. You do not want to share them. Do not want to give them away).

    And if you as strong as Kyle (and I also like his style of playing) I am sure that you will win NO (!!) game against wanderer, edbonnet and me (if you would play against us).

    I am really sorry. But you should not wait that somebody is supposed to reach the points you reached some years ago. And most important. You do not want to defend them in a fair match.

  • ypercube ★ at 2014-09-12

    @StopSign he is stronger than Kyle, I assure you.

  • hyperpape at 2014-09-12

    Well, insults aside, I'd love to see a former top player in any game come back and compete. I harbor a deep curiosity about how Maciej would be if he was still playing Havannah…

  • edbonnet at 2014-09-12

    @ypercube Who's not?

    @hyperpape What insult? You have a curious curiosity.

    “I will have to consider coming out of retirement, either a championship or a match of some sort, man vs. machine.”  :-)Who's not laughing?In fact, it's hard to pick just one sentence to quote, for all the post is written in all modesty.

    Some while ago, I used to post Garrison style (no one seems to notice the parody) but, boy, this guy is strong in pretentiousness.

    As Stop Sign mentioned, now there are 3 decent players: wanderer, Stop Sign and me.We are playing mainly against each other, so our rating doesn't tell much.As my main goal in life was not to become 2300 in a game played by 100 people on earth,I publicly explained the game to my dear colleagues (Garrison style), so that they can beat me; and they sometimes do.

    Back then, when Ray actually played, the players didn't understand the game (excepted maybe Mojmir) and blundered horribly.Now, it's the same with 3 exceptions. So, it's a bit tougher.

    The idea of a match man vs. machine is good.So, Ray, I get to play wanderer or luffy? ;) They're both good.

    By the way, do you know another player who broke 2200 ? (Hint: it's me)

  • edbonnet at 2014-09-13

    Ray seems to love meaningless statistics and unsignificant numbers (elo, rank…).

    So, here's a number for you Ray: 38. (It's not the number of glue sticks. Actually the correct number is 37)It's the move number where I calculate a win in my last game against wanderer.

    Actually, this is the position:

    [game;id:1658189;move:38;title:Not bad?]

    Richard might confirm since up to this point, I played very quickly and won.

    At your era, Ray, people in the same position would think that it's still the opening and play quickly some random/bad move.

    I'm not bragging here (although, I am). I just want you to understand that's there is no point being so condescending since you are clearly not the best player out there.

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2014-09-15

    no you are right Ed, you are clearly more condescending.

  • edbonnet at 2015-01-05

    Ray, do you consider to come back if someone else than wanderer surpasses your rating?

  • ahhmet at 2015-01-07

    wouLd be a very good fight other…

  • Kokosz at 2015-01-10

    I find Wanderer easy to beat even on small boards: And he has practiced Havannah much more than Breakthrough :P

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