Rigging_c Breakthrough

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  • ahhmet at 2014-03-12


    The wanderer_c make mistakes in games, this game is a gift to the opponent wins.??!!

    Should continue in this way... "50. e8-f7 and then c8-d7"

  • wanderer_bot at 2014-03-12

    I think it’s not so simple. After 52. c8-d7 White breaks through with 53. b3-b4

  • Stop_Sign at 2014-03-12

    Yes. It is not so simple. So far I did not analyse the game. But at least I can say that move 40. g5-g4 (and some moves earlier in the game) is much more dubious. It allows an counterattack. which wanderer probably underestimated. I am pretty sure that the major mistakes are much earlier in the game. In move 52. the game is already won.

  • ahhmet at 2014-03-12


    I did not analyze the game.

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