championship 20 Breakthrough

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championship 20
  • edbonnet at 2014-02-15

    Everyone is waiting for the next championship.
    Everyone but Pim that is.
    Pim has four games left while I cannot remember
    any of my games in this event.
    It seems to have happened in another life.

    Let's get the things moving.

    pim-Marius Halsor:
    Marius, I have one good news and one bad news.
    the good: You will win your championship.
    the bad: You will not end up undefeated
    (and that's unfair, you played this game nicely)

    Nice touch!
    @vic, let's congratulate Pim for that one.
    Good game overall from both of you.

    It feels like the right time to resign, Pim.

    Pim-David Milne:
    Come on guys! Only 34 moves? Really?!…
    (and what's that silly move 34 anyway?)
    Please finish that one quickly.

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2014-02-15

    do not kibitz on games in progress, regardless of how slow they are moving. Be patient!

  • edbonnet at 2014-02-16

    I did not give any variations. I just stated the obvious.
    I am okay with “slow” outside the championship or in
    the championship but in complicated games.

  • ypercube ★ at 2014-02-16

    @edbonnet, you did provide clues (your opinion) about the outcome of these games. This is not the expected behaviour here. Be patient!

    If this was my site, you would be get a few days ban from posting in forums.

    Invite me for a few (hundred) games if you like. I'll be blazingly fast.

  • edbonnet at 2014-02-16

    Again: I was just stating the obvious.

    So you would ban the only person bringing something to the game.

    Why all of you are so easy-going with selfish slow players ?

  • Gregorlo at 2014-02-16

    If it was so obvious, you may as well keep it to yourself ;)

  • FatPhil at 2014-02-16

    Do not analyse games in progress.

    End of.

    If you're impatient for new games, sign up for more games; you are taking part in a pitifully small number of games presently.

  • edbonnet at 2014-02-16

    @FatPhil: You mean “sign up for more random games against gerald”.
    The championship is the only really interesting event. That's 16 games per year
    with the current pace of two championships a year.

    That's not much.
    So, I think the “slow players” situation could be taken more seriously.

  • FatPhil at 2014-02-16

    Have you never tried the “Oponents rating range:“[sic] feature?

    I also think the slow players issue is a serious one, but the solution is to talk about the problem, not about the games that are part of the problem.

  • ypercube ★ at 2014-02-16

    I didn't say ban you from playing.

    Pretty careful to state: ban you from posting in forum for a few days.

    My invitation for (any number of) games still stands.

  • ahhmet at 2014-02-16

    for no reason in the championship players do not play games. a situation is ridiculous and no wonder. 8!

  • edbonnet at 2014-02-16

    @FatPhil, I tried that but many players play only the championship.

    @ypercube, Let's play!
    I should be banned more severely. I intended to be fun but apparently I failed.
    In the end, my message is way out of line if you take it literally.

  • edbonnet at 2014-05-01

    This championship is really disappointing.
    Lots of games are decided on time, in the opening.
    Plus, the players losing on time, do not lose all
    their games on time, so it's kind of unfair.

    What's happening guys? You don't like this game anymore?

  • ahhmet at 2014-05-01

    breakThRough - loving players do not lose time.
    Players are bound to lose its detractors.

    Those who play this game the best and most enthusiasts will succeed…

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