current state of AI Breakthrough

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current state of AI
  • MartinR50 at 2009-07-28

    Hi there,

    a quick question. What is the current state of the AI for this game?

    good or bad (or in between) ?

  • Przemek Drochomirecki at 2009-07-28

    size-4 - excellent (low branching factor, tactical-oriented)

    size-5 - decent

    6 - poor

    6 - non-existing

    i believe that we can expect solving the game for size-4 and maybe size-5 soon.

  • Przemek Drochomirecki at 2009-07-29

    sorry, i thought the question considers havannah…:-)

  • MartinR50 at 2009-07-29

    Yea. I meant Breakthrough :)

    How good is the current Breakthrough AI?

  • Carroll ★ at 2009-07-29

    Perfect play on 3x7 and 5x5, by JC Haugland's program, did you try ?

    Just type in a cmd where it is saved:


    followed by java -mx280m Breakth55

    (best play is a lost in 26 moves by first player).

    Well I'm not sure you can call it an AI, it is more like an oracle…

  • MartinR50 at 2009-07-29

    How good is the AI at Size-8?

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2009-07-29

    I have not yet had the privilege of playing any AI in Breakthrough. If you get a decent AI bot playing the game, I would love to have a shot at it!

  • Julius Sneezer at 2009-07-31

    breakthrough might be more popular (which it deserves to be) if a variant size of 7x7 were offered also. when the game was first introduced, it was recommended to be 7x7, according to what i read. the early part of the game at 8x8 can be a bit boring, taking many moves for the action to begin. 7x7 might be a better introuction to the game for beginners, who once hooked would be more likely to appreciate 8x8.

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