German name Breakthrough

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German name
  • Thomas at 2007-01-05

    Does anyone know the German name for the game of Breakthrough?

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2007-01-05

    I'm afraid I can't help, but I have thought about asking a similar question - a Norwegian name for Amazons. A direct translation would be “Amasoner” or “Amasonespillet”, but I think I will suggest using “Amazonas” which sounds better and is loyal to the original name “El juego de las Amazonas”. (Actually I think I picked it up from mmbeer.)

  • MichaeI X at 2007-01-05

    Breakthrough is copyright 2001 by Dan Troyka.

    Thus, you should ask the inventor.

    (found at

    You sure found the wikipedia article yourself…

  • Thomas at 2007-01-05

    It seems there isn't a german name yet, so I can invent one ;)

    The translation would be “Durchbruch”

  • MichaeI X at 2007-01-05

    If you google “breakthrough” , it seems to have an ugly medical connotation. So “Durchbruch” is an appropriate translation, as it sounds similar ugly to me.

    But depending on your purpose, you might try to contact Dan anyway…

    Ray Garrison tells to know him.

    There was a statement that “SneakBy” is a better name than “BreakThrough” …

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